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Students under my supervision are in red

10 / Distribution and sexual reproductive potential of Iris pseudacorus L. (Iridaceae) in South Africa
8 / Species identity and diversity effects on invasion resistance of tropical freshwater plant communities
7 / Direct and indirect effects of native plants and herbivores on biotic resistance to alien aquatic plant invasions
6 / Effects of rising temperature on the growth, stoichiometry, and palatability of aquatic plants
4 / Potential for biotic resistance from herbivores to tropical and subtropical plant invasions in aquatic ecosystems
2 / Magnitude and variability of methane production and concentration in tropical coastal lagoons sediments
1 / The role played by aquatic macrophytes regarding CO2 balance in a tropical coastal lagoon (Cabiúnas Lagoon, Macaé, RJ)

Other publications

3 / « MADMACS » - Mass Development of Aquatic Macrophytes : Causes and consequences of macrophyte removal for ecosystem structure, function, and services
2 / Causes of macrophyte mass development and recommendations for managing water courses with dense aquatic vegetation

Schneider S.C., Coetzee J.A., Galvanese E.F., Harpenslager S.F., Hilt S., Immerzeel B., Köhler J., Misteli B., Motitsoe S.N., Padial A.A., Petruzzella A., Schechner A., Sebola K., Thiebaut G., Thiemer K., Vermaat J.E. (2022) IC4WATER – Water JPI Technical report

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